Phantom Carriage Broadacres

Today at Big Rec, I meant to order the Phantom Carriage Cognac Curse and instead I ordered the Phantom Carriage Orange Vanilla Creamsicle Broadacres.*

Anyways, it had a strange smell.

Phantom Carriage Broadacres - full glass

The taste was dominantly orange with a sour taste.

Upon looking at the description, the sour taste made sense, because it's a sour / Berliner Weisse.

On a related note, my previous beer, the Grimm Amarillo Pop!, was also a Berliner Weisse. However, this beer has a stronger sour taste than the previous. In fact, it's much strong and borders on being too strong. I wouldn't always like it this sour.

Phantom Carriage Broadacres - half full glass

Overall, I would rate it 3.9 out of 5.

*From what I can tell, it's a variation of Phantom Carriage Broadacres and I decided to list the variation under Phantom Carriage Broadacres.

[Part of Beer at Big Rec Tap Room]
[20181117 Edit]

Phantom Carriage Broadacres

Phantom Carriage Broadacres - empty glass and lacing

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Website Information:
Wild Berliner

brettanomyces/lactobacillus fermented Berliner weisse
Bright acidity highlights notes of lemon

FG: 1.007; ABV: 3.7%

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