Calicraft Buzzerkeley

This beer had sediments in it. It had an apple smell. It had a strange taste. I wondered if it was the carrot juice I had drank earlier.

glass of Calicraft Buzzerkeley with Bottle and Bottlecap

It had a bitter aftertaste. I didn't enjoy the taste; it might have been a wheat taste. 8:44 PM PT

I dumped what remained of the beer at 12:53 AM. I estimate having dumped a total of half the bottle (approximately 12 ounces). I just didn't enjoy it.

On a different note, the recommend glass for the drink is a flute. 20180613 12:58 AM PT

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Calicraft Buzzerkeley

Calicraft Buzzerkeley - Bottle

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Website Information:
Draft, 6pk bottle, and 750ml

7.7% ABV, 7 IBUs

Calicraft Buzzerkeley - Top of Bottle

STYLE: Sparkling Ale

YEAST: House Champagne Yeast

Buzzerkeley blurs the line between beer and wine. In the free spirit of Berkeley, it's a whole new category we call Sparkling Ale. Champagne yeast and California star thistle honey create an ale that's subtly tart and dry with hints of plum and spice. It's our limit-pushing tribute to the cover beer-crafting that began in Blaine's UC Berkeley dorm room and nearly got him kicked out.

DRINK UP: at celebrations or just for the heck of it.

PAIR WITH: tapas, dessert. intellectual conversation.

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