Grimm Amarillo Pop!

I ordered the nine-ounce pour. The beer had a sour smell. It has a mild sour taste.

It was enjoyable, but it was not the best sour I've ever had.

Grimm Amarillo Pop! - full 9 oz pour (the flash and angle alters the color)

In any case, the nine ounces went by fast.

The last sip had the same sour taste as the first sip.

I liked the sourness taste that lingers.

Overall, I rate the beer 4 out of 5 stars. 1:21 PM PT

Grimm Amarillo Pop! - halfway done

[Part of Beer at Big Rec Tap Room]
[20181117 Edit]

Grimm Amarillo Pop!

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Commercial Description:
Dessert Berliner brewed with Amarillo, vanilla, and milk sugar.

Grimm Amarillo Pop! - empty

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