Melvin Scenario

The beer has a subtle smell. There's a subtle scent of alcohol.

The head was deliciously creamy. I love the taste of it.

Melvin Scenario - glass full

Unfortunately, the sour taste of the two (sour) beers (Grimm Amarillo Pop! and Phantom Carriage Broadacres) I had consumed prior to this beer affected the taste. I attempted to wash the sour flavor out.

This beer had a lingering bitterness. 1:52 PM PT

I later noted that the beer was medium-bodied; the menu description also indicates the beer has a medium body.

Speaking of the menu description, the beer is written to have a "taste of chocolate" and a "hint of roasted licorice." However, I did not detect either.

Melvin Scenario - glass half full

Overall, this beer was good despite not differentiating itself apart in any particular way. Of course, the quality and taste of a beer is sometimes obscured by being the third beer of the night.

As it stands, I decided to rate it 4.1 out of 5 stars. 2:17 PM PT

[Part of Beer at Big Rec Tap Room]
[20181118 Edit]

Melvin Scenario

Melvin Scenario - glass empty and lacing

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