Brewer's Art Bière de Mars

Today I got a flight of the House Beers on draft.

For the Bière de Mars I wrote the following:
"This beer has a fruitier smell (compared to the Birdhouse). It has a more distinct banana smell." 10:42PM ET
"The Bière de Mars has a fruity, complex sort of taste. A bit sourness. Vi thinks it has a raspberry sort of taste. Hmm... I can see that." 10:51PM ET
"[Last sip:] Biere de Mars is much more floral and sweeter tasting than the Birdhouse; it is the most flavorful of the bunch." 11:15PM ET

[20180609 Edit][Part of Beer Flight at The Brewer's Art]

Brewer's Art Bière de Mars

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Menu Description:
Biere de Mars
An Offering for the Ever Changing Spring Season. Our Bière de Mars is a malty red ale with a distinctive tartness. 5.5% ABV

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