Brewer's Art Birdhouse

Today I got a flight of the House Beers on draft.

For the Birdhouse I wrote the following:
"This beer most definitely has a pale ale smell. Huh, I also detect a new smell I've never smelt before. It smells like a type of herb." 10:42PM ET
"Yeah, the Birdhouse is standard pale ale goodness. It's good as far as pale ales go." 10:44PM ET
"[Last sip:] That pale ale smell and taste of the Birdhouse." 11:15PM ET

[20180609 Edit][Part of Beer Flight at The Brewer's Art]

Brewer's Art Birdhouse

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Menu Description:
A tribute to the boys of summer, this nice pale ale will warm you up even in the heart of winter. 5% ABV

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