Brewer's Art Resurrection

I wrote: "Resurrection Ale. It is orange/red in color. It has a good ale taste." 7:24PM ET

Brewer's Art Resurrection - can (20140307)

I also wrote: "It has a banana taste. It tastes good." 7:28PM ET


I wrote: "This Resurrection isn't so bad. It is, however, beginning to taste a bit bitter. Hmm..." 4:20PM

Remark: Prior to adding this entry (20140307), I've had a Resurrection on several occasions, but for some reason I don't have a post/draft for it. I find this incredibly strange. [20180609: It seems I eventually recovered one such event (20140224), but the statement suggests one or two other occurrences went unrecorded.]


Today I got a flight of the House Beers on draft.

For the Resurrection, I wrote the following:
"This Resurrection is more bitter than the Ozzy. It has a banana flavor. Both Vi and I like the Ozzy more." 10:32PM ET
"[Last sip:] By now the bitterness of the Resurrection has decreased a little." 11:15PM ET

[Part of Beer Flight at The Brewer's Art]

Brewer's Art Resurrection

Brewer's Art Resurrection - full glass (20140224)

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Website Description:
The seven percent solution. A delightfully full-bodied yet easy to drink abbey brown ale that has become our flagship brand, thanks to Baltimore's loyalty. 7%abv

Menu Description:
Our Abbey-style brown ale, brewed with five types of malt and three hop varieties. This rich yet dry beer is dark amber in color with lots of flavor. 7% ABV

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