Evolution Craft Sprung

After Argentine tango lessons, my friends and I came here for food and drinks. To drink I had the Evolution Craft Sprung. I wrote: "Oh wow, this has a surprisingly nice taste. I like it. It's sweet." 10:22PM ET


Today my friend called me in the evening and asked if I wanted to get a drink. Having spent the entire day preparing for my dissertation defense, I gladly accepted the invitation and we met at CVP (Charles Village Pub).

There, I had a Union Duckpin Pale Ale, an Evolution Sprung, and a mixed drink. While I already tried the Evolution Sprung last week, I also had most, if not all, of the other beers available on draft. Thus, I decided to have an Evolution Sprung, because it would only be there temporarily (until the keg kicks) and it stood out as being one of the tastier beers.


Of the beer I wrote: "Sprung Evolution. This beer tastes sweeter than the Duckpin Pale Ale. It also seems less bitter." 10:39PM ET

I later wrote: "In addition to being sweeter, I find this beer to also be more delicious than the Duckpin Pale Ale. It's really good." 11:07PM ET

After we were done rock climbing, my friend Chenyang and I went to CVP. There, in celebration of my successful dissertation defense, he offered to buy me a beer. Thanks Chenyang!


I wrote: "The Evolution Craft Sprung seems to taste a bit less carbonated than the last time I had it. Maybe its because the keg is getting close to finishing. In any case, the beer has a sweet smell and light taste." 8:46PM ET


Evolution Sprung

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Website Information:
Released: Jan 1 2014 12:00AM
Our spring seasonal is a refreshing light to medium bodied golden ale. Brewed with honey, hibiscus and chamomile, fruity subtleties abound despite the accessible and easy drinking nature of this beer. Honey imparts a subtle floral note.

Available in:
12 oz Bottles
1/2 Keg
On Tap at Public House
On Tap in Tasting Room

Beer Profile:
ABV: 4.9%
IBU: 14
OG: 11.6
Hops: Hallertauer
Malt: Pilsner, Crystal, Honey

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