Elevation Señorita

Elevation Señorita

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After reading the description, I felt like I could definitely smell the vanilla, and maybe taste it too. The beer's label also says that it has chocolate malts. 7:42PM MT

"I love the smell. It has a stronger, more alcoholic taste than your average porter. The glass shows little lacing.


"The beer is black in color and poured a thick head.

The beer began taking on a coffee-dominated smell. It was also amazingly smooth (creamy) and had a subtle, but delicious taste. While the beer had a coffee smell, it did not have a coffee taste, but rather just plain malty." 9:19PM MT

Website Information:

This Seasonal Release beer pours a deep dark brown with a snow-white head. Aroma notes of Vanilla, Cinnamon and sweet milk hit the nose bringing up images of the delicious Mexican drink this beer is styled after. The beer hits the palate with Vanilla, sweet chocolate malts, and a hint of cinnamon; all with a medium body and a balancing hop bitterness. Enjoy this beer next to a roaring fire with your amigos in a cozy cabin after a long day of skiing the deep powder of the Rocky Mountains.

-Silver 2014 World Beer Cup, Herb and Spice Category

Mexican Chocolate Cake, Mole, Barbacoa Street Tacos

Style: Horchata/Imperial Porter
Alc/Vol: 8.4% (The 2014 bottle label says 8.55%)
IBUs: 35 (The 2014 bottle label says 25)
Hops: Northern Brewer, Chinook
Malts: Two-Row, Crystal, Aromatic, Chocolate, Roasted Barley, Flaked Barley
Extras: Milk Sugar, Cinnamon, Madagascar Vanilla Beans
Availability: Winter 2013: 750 ml bottles and Draught

Black Series
Large flavorful beers from Belgian Quadruples to Douple IPAs. Perfect for the craft beer connoisseur.

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