Heretic Chocolate Hazelnut Porter (CHP)

Today I came to Eureka! and after having a Racer 5 IPA, I ordered a Heretic Chocolate Hazelnut Porter.


Pitch black in color with a decent amount of head, the porter also had a definite smell of chocolate.

Upon sipping the beer I was blown away by the taste - I love it. Besides the delicious flavor, the beer had a real creamy texture. 6:39PM PT

While at first noticeably strong in both alcoholic strength and flavor, the ending packs less of a punch per sip, but still has a chocolate/coffee finish. 6:51PM PT

Of course, on top of getting to drink a great tasting beer, I also get to keep the Heretic-branded pint glass because the Heretic CHP is this week's Steal the Glass Wednesday special* at Eureka!.

*The restaurant serves a select brew in a glass from the select brew's brewery. Drink the beer and keep the glass!


The first sip tasted alcoholic, but the next few sips went down easier. There's carbonation. The beer's consistency was watery. 8:57PM PT

This beer had a sour taste to it. I didn't pick up on any of the chocolate notes. I'm not sure what flavor the hazelnut contributed. Overall, there was nothing impressive about this beer, though it was bottled "9 29 17" so maybe its been in the fridge for too long and its original flavors have changed.

With that being said, it was definitely drinkable. I should also note that I had a cut in my lip from biting it a couple days earlier and that dampened the experience. Furthermore, my fiancee Ada sprayed some old mace nearby and the chemicals were surprisingly strong. This was after I had some sips but before I drank most of the beer.

The bottle was 650 ml (1pt 6oz) and about 2 to 3 oz went down the drain during the beginning and end. 20171117 2:20AM PT


Smelling the empty bottle, I detected the stronger, darker fumes which have been indicative of beers I've kept for too long (to this day I'm still reminded of Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA). These scents were the same as those I smelled before I starting drinking this beer. I suppose there was a malty smell, or maybe even a scent of vanilla, but there was no chocolate smell. 20171117 2:24AM PT

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Heretic Chocolate Hazelnut Porter (CHP)

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Chocolate Hazelnut Porter (CHP)

Chocolate Hazelnut Porter, or CHP as we call it, is a dessert in a glass. It is a rich, robust porter bursting with luscious chocolate and hazelnut. Notes of coffee and caramel round out this delicious treat.

abv: 7%
ibu: 33
srm: 35


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