Four Peaks Peach Ale

Four Peaks Peach Ale

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Having had three beers today*, I was uncertain of whether or not I should get another. However, since the beers were half off and I was in Arizona, I decided to get another beer by Four Peaks Brewing Company. Considering my options, I eventually went with a glass of Four Peaks Peach Ale.

This beer has no head, has a yellow color, and definitely smells like peach.

The beer also definitely tastes like peach and has no aftertaste and only some carbonation. Thinking about the taste some more, I realize it tastes exactly like the Kern's Peach Nectar. In particular, it has the same sweetness, with the only difference being the carbonation. (I yawn, tiredness begins to kick in.) 11:50PM MT

The glass shows no sign of lacing. The beer reminds me of various mixed drinks I've had that contain peach schnapps. 20150212 12:16AM MT

The thought of peach schnapps becomes stronger. After finishing the beer, I begin producing saliva which undoubtedly tastes like peach schnapps. I suppose I could have just as well drank a glass of sprite and peach schnapps. 20150212 12:25AM MT

*Elevation Senorita, Four Peaks Kilt Lifter, and Four Peaks Oatmeal Stout

Website Information:

A light fruit beer with strong peach aroma, but not an overpowering peach flavor – great on a warm day. We chose peach because, believe it or not, peaches can thrive in Arizona and the flavor is very compatible with beer. Our peach ale has a subtle sweet flavor and aroma, while maintaining a light body and color.


BEER STYLE: Golden Ale with Fruit
FLAVOR: Malty sweet, fresh peaches
AROMA: Moderately Peachy

MALTS: Two-row, Cara-pils, White Wheat
HOPS: Magnum, but not a lot

FOOD PAIRING: Light fare; fruit tarts, salads, desserts
CHEESE PAIRING: Mild cheeses; ricotta, queso fresco

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