Half Moon Bay Calf-eine

Half Moon Bay Calf-eine

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After bouldering at Bridges Rock Gym, my friend and I came to Elevation 66 for some food. Unfortunately the kitchen had just closed. With that being said, the beer I ordered was quite a meal.

This coffee milk stout by Half Moon Bay has a beautiful coffee smell. In addition it has a lovely malt taste. This might be as good as the Left Hand Milk Stout I had in April of 2014. 11:14PM PT

Website Information:

Made in collaboration with Not For Sale’s coffee company, Dignità, Calf-eine is a Coffee Milk Stout brewed with medium roast, cold brewed coffee. This beer has a rich and creamy texture from the addition of lactose, balanced by a roasty aroma and subtle bitterness from the coffee.

IBUs: 23.1
SIZES: 1/6 BBL Keg, 1/2 BBL Keg, Tap

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