Sierra Nevada / Ninkasi Double Latte

Sierra Nevada / Ninkasi Double Latte

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Sierra Nevada / Ninkasi Beer Camp Double Latte

This beer, Double Latte, is thick black and has a thick head. It smells like a flavorful porter (I describe this sensation with the word 'deep').

Knowing the beer's style, I can smell some sort of coffee smell. I would have to say, however, that it smells more like a coffee stout.

I take my first sip and it feels quite heavy and has a thick texture. There was also a bit of a burn due to the tacos I just had from Taco Bell (though I did try to rinse my mouth with water prior to having the beer). The combination of mild sauce remnants and beer reminds me of the Elysian Peste Chocolate Chili Ale I had on Thanksgiving in 2012. There was a slight coffee taste at the end of the sip, but it was fleeting. I take a bigger, second sip, and again find it's quite creamy and full. 11:20PM PT

The alcoholic smell of this beer spreads faster than many other beers which I've left sitting around. I find many strong beers take until the next day before I notice their alcoholic scent in the air. In any case, this last sip was good, but at the same time I can't say that I want more. There's about a third left. 20140207 1:46AM PT

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Eugene, OR

Inspired by the perennial café favorite, Double Latte combines two of the greatest things in life: good coffee and great beer. Oregon’s Ninkasi Brewing knows their way around a good cup of joe. Featuring cold-press coffee from the legendary Stumptown Coffee Roasters and a dose of milk sugar, this coffee milk stout is a rich and roasty treat.

This young-gun brewery has a locomotive charge. A rich conversation at a local bottle shop in 2005 has morphed into a Pacific Northwest staple. Named after the Sumerian goddess of fermentation, Ninkasi’s first batch of beer was Total Domination IPA and it remains a must for those with a lupulin itch.

ABV: 7.6
Beginning Gravity: 20.4
Ending Gravity: 6.8
Bitterness Units: 60

Yeast: Ale
Bittering Hops: Nugget
Finishing Hops: Nugget
Malts: Two-row Pale, Caramel, Brown, Chocolate
Other: Coffee, Lactose

Double Latte is a cold-press milk stout featuring roasted grain, amazing coffee, and a sweet coffee-chocolate-mocha-like flavor. A play on the milk in a classic latte, lactose or “milk sugar” helps produce a robust, rich body and a sweet malty backbone in this beer.

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