HenHouse Saison

HenHouse Saison

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20150317: [20150401]
I went to Perdition Smokehouse for the second time today, and unlike last time, I ordered beer. In part, this was due to the lunch special: $10 for a sandwich, chips, and soda, $3 to upgrade the soda to one of three select beers.

Among the three choices, I decided on drinking the HenHouse Saison.* It has an uplifting smell and it tastes good. Maybe it tastes like coriander, because I remember a similar taste when I drinking a New Belgium Trippel, an ale brewed with coriander.

Taking a moment to describe how the beer looks, I find the beer appears to have a very pale, straw yellow color with no lacing. 1:08PM PT

Still trying to place the taste of this beer, I find it doesn't quite have a banana taste, but it does have a taste similar to a flavor which accompanies beers with a banana taste.** 1:10PM PT

*Apparently "saison" is a French word that's pronounced something like "seh-zohn" - with a nasal ending. Of course, there exists those who propose that it would be pretentious to pronounce certain foreign words correctly while speaking American English (e.g., saying "May I have a croissant?" with the French pronunciation of "croissant"). In which case, the "proper" American butchering of "saison" would be something like "say-zahn" or "say-sawn."

**Reviewers use all sorts of words to describe the smell and taste. While "banana," "coriander," and "orange" find their way into some reviews, many also describe the smell and taste as "bready," "lemony," "cereal," "yeasty," "fruity," and "earthy."

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