Green Flash Hop Odyssey: Symposium IPA

Green Flash Hop Odyssey: Symposium IPA

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Despite trying to recover from being sick, I love trying new beer! And ever since I started collecting beer glasses, I can't help but attend the Steal the Glass Wednesday special at Eureka!.

Today's special is the Hop Odyssey: Symposium IPA by Green Flash Brewing Co. It has a nice hoppy smell and a nice taste. There is, however, a definite bitter aftertaste. The beer has a nice head.

Drinking the beer some more, I find it actually also tastes somewhat bitter. It's a really hoppy beer, but with a good flavor. 6:19PM PT

Hmm. Actually, I wouldn't say the taste is bitter, just grassy and/or hoppy, like an IPA.* Not bad. Overall, this beer is great if you like hoppy beers. 6:44PM PT

*I did not know at the time that this beer was an IPA. At the time I just thought it was called Hop Odyssey. Fortunately, on 20150317 I was able to find the full name of the beer (Eureka's instagram: @EurekaBerkeley).

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