Linden Street Emperor Norton

Linden Street Emperor Norton

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20150311: [20150328 Edit]
Looking to drink another beer at Eureka!, I sampled the High Water Campfire Stout and wasn't impressed. As such, I decided to order a glass of Linden Street Emperor Norton, an Imperial Stout.

This beer has a black color. It has a dark and good stout taste. Moreover, I find it has a strong flavor and gives off hints of alcohol.

The beer leaves behind clear traces of lacing. 7:53PM PT

Finally, I find the beer has a definite alcohol finish. 8:32PM PT

Internet Information:
Linden St. - Emperor Norton Imperial Stout (9%)
A full-bodied beer, balanced between the natural sweetness of the crystal malts and the dry roast flavor of dark malts. It carrie a Rye spiciness elevated by the bourbon soaked oak. Not your average Imperial Stout -- like Emperor Norton, it is a little eccentric and fits our Bay Area roots.

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