New Belgium Oscar Worthy Coffee

New Belgium Oscar Worthy Coffee

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20150305: [20150319 Edit]
I'm here at Jupiter and to drink I order this New Belgium Oscar Worthy Coffee. It has a lovely coffee smell, the head disappeared quickly, and it has a dark red color.

Returning to the smell, I find that this beer, more than any other beer I've had recently, has a definite coffee smell.

As for the taste, the beer has an immediate tart and coffee taste that's followed by a lingering flavor which is primarily tart. 12:56PM PT

Unbelievable, the beer's coffee smell is exactly like coffee, or perhaps coffee beans.

The smell and taste of this Oscar Worthy Coffee remains consistent to the end: coffee on the smell, coffee and tart on the taste.

While arguably a bit pricey ($10), it was also worth every penny. 1:21PM PT

In particular, it doesn't seem to be a regular offering, so if you like tart beers and come across it, then I would recommend you try it.

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