Russian River Blind Pig IPA

Russian River Blind Pig IPA

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20150311: [20150326 Edit]
Today I went to eat at Chez Panisse Cafe and I couldn't help but order this beer. First, I had yet to try it. Second, it is highly rated. And last, but not least, the restaurant has a half pint size!*

In any case, my half pint Russian River Blind Pig IPA had a great hoppy, IPA smell. The beer arrived with a thick head, but it quickly dissipates.

Possibly due to my cold, I found this IPA had a light taste.

The beer had a light straw color and created a decent amount of lacing.

It was tasty and had no bitter aftertaste.

While the half pint is two-thirds the cost of a pint, the size was perfect for lunch (and for being sick). 1:12PM PT

*That's half the reason why I love Yard House! Note that Perdition Smokehouse also has a half pint option.

Website Information:
Blind Pig I.P.A.

India Pale Ale

Full-bodied, very hoppy, citrus, pine, fruity notes with nice dry, bitter finish!

Pub draft and bottles, local distribution draft and bottles, limited distribution on draft and some bottles to most of our distributors, year-round

Original Gravity: 1.058
Alcohol by Volume: 6.10%
Color: Copper
Bitterness: Medium

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