Corona Extra

I wrote: "Corona Extra with lemon. Sort of to humor my dad. It was either drinking Corona Extra or Heineken. The Corona Extra probably wouldn't taste like much without the lemon." 8:23 pm


Meaning of "humor my dad":
I'm more on the side of trying different beers. And I've had both Corona Extra and Heineken before. But if he's going to offer me a beer, I will lean towards accepting it. I will lean towards accepting it for the sake of sharing a beer with my dad, because we never did share many beers in the past. Otherwise, I feel like having a Bud, Heineken, or Corona is mainly drinking a bunch of empty calories. That is another reason I stick to trying different beers. On the bright side, apparently I didn't already make a post on Corona Extra.

I wrote: "Corona Extra with lime. Simple and nice. Getting pumped for Dashboard Confessional." 7:46 PM

I had a Corona Extra with lime here at The Kickin' Crab.


Corona Extra

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*For some reason the site wouldn't let me enter 11 for MM so I entered 1 instead. Yes, I find it easier to enter my real birthday than making up one.

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