Wahoo Wheat Beer

22 oz. bottle

We were talking about having drinks and Josh brought over his Wahoo Wheat Beer. It was a choice of trying his Ballast Point Wahoo Wheat Beer and my Russian River Damnation. I decided on trying his Ballast Point Wahoo Wheat Beer, especially since it was light and that way we could try either the Jeremiah Weed Lightning Lemonade or Murphy's Stout. I split the bottle into three glasses. I swirled the bottom and divided that up as best as possible.

I wrote: "Smells like Blue Moon. Tastes like Blue Moon. In general, I like it more than Blue Moon with or without the orange. Not that citrusy, but the amount is alright for me."

It seems I also wrote in a notepad file, "Tastes like a better Blue Moon. Yeah... not bitter. Totally drinkable." I'm not absolutely sure the comment is for this beer, but I'm pretty sure, because it precedes the words "Jeremiah Weed Lightning Lemonade 12 fl. oz. 5.8% ABV."


Ballast Point Wahoo Wheat Beer

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Website Information:
Summer days and ocean waves inspired our Belgian Witbier-styled Wahoo Wheat. Brewed to be light and refreshing—with a unique citrus character that comes from adding orange peel and coriander to the boil.

What gives our Wahoo Wheat—and other wheat beers—a hazy appearance is the unmalted wheat it’s made from. A special yeast contributes to this beer’s refreshing tangy flavor—quite different from the banana and clovey Hefeweizens of Bavaria. If you want to be surprised what deliciousness can come from wheat, oats and barley, try one today.

Availability Year-round in 22oz & draft
Bitterness 15 IBUs
Alc. by Vol. 4%
Serving Temperature 34-40 F

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