Quady Deviation

I was fortunate enough to get a taste of this wine ($10).

I wrote the following: "I don't know how to describe the smell of this dessert wine (Quady Deviation)... It possibly smells like a sorbet. Wow, it tastes great! It tastes like the Kasteel Rouge only fruitier, and with no carbonation. Amazing." 3:37 PM PT


Quady Deviation

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Quady Deviation

Website Information
Deviation wine, incorporating new ingredients from the plant kingdom, delivers higher levels of sensory pleasure than can be done with grapes alone. Its name refers not only to a deviation from winemaking practice but also to the history of specialty winemaking at Quady and as homage to change.

Mysteriously attractive aromatics, sweet but with a surprisingly dry finish, and ethno botanical significance (of its non grape botanicals) make Deviation a wine for romance. Living up to its name, it is different in composition, in sensory impact, and in its power to induce emotion and feeling from other wines.

Quady has recently introduced a new sort of after dinner wine. Deviation, (refers to deviating from normal winemaking practice) consists of Orange Muscat laced with aromatic rose scented geranium and with damiana, (an herb with reputed aphrodisiac properties). This love potion is seductively perfumed and would make a good choice for a romantic evening.

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