Jeremiah Weed Lightning Lemonade

12 fl. oz. can.

Slight alcohol taste at first, but the finish is a lemonade flavor. Then after several sips, the alcohol taste settles away. Steph mentioned using tea to make a good Arnold Palmer. But I'm under the impression there's already a tea taste to it. Of course that's probably just the alcohol flavor that I'm mistaking for tea. As far as I can tell, there is little to no carbonation.

Hmm... the alcohol taste comes and goes.

It would be reasonable if the Lightning Lemonade uses Jeremiah Weed (bourbon whiskey) as one of the ingredients. One recipe I found online for a Lightning Lemonade calls for 1 oz Smirnoff® Lemon Twist vodka, 1 oz triple sec, 1 oz sweet and sour mix, and 4 - 6 oz Minute Maid® lemonade. The recipe says to "[t]ake a glass and fill it with ice and 3/4 lemonade. Then pour in the three shots and stir. Garnish with a lemon if desired."

In conclusion, I'd say there might be better drinks out there, but Jeremiah Weed Lightning Lemonade does alright.

Jeremiah Weed Lightning Lemonade

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Jeremiah Weed is readying for the heat — Southern Style — with a new line of flavored malt beverages: Lightning Lemonade®, Roadhouse Tea™ and Spiked Cola™. The 12 and 23.5 ounce canned beverages, each at 5.8% ABV, contain the perfect mix of sweetness with zero caffeine, making them the go-to drinks for summer, and who are we kidding, year round too.

Reminiscent of a refreshing southern favorite. Chill can, pop the top & drink it easy, now.

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