Heineken Lager Beer

Holland. On a boat. The white blur is a beer foam knife making its way
down and across to scrape the excess head off the top of the glass.

20100902, 20100904:
For the weekend I went to Texas for the big family reunion. I courteously had a Heineken to drink during and after dinner at my uncle's house on Thursday (20100902). Then there was the big get together on Saturday, so I had two Heineken's that night (20100904).


I wrote: "I'm not sure why, but Heineken tastes good. Especially compared to Bud."

To clarify, Heineken tastes good for being in the BMC category, and I can't pinpoint what makes it better than a beer like Bud (or Bud Light). I'm pretty sure I would prefer it to Kirin Ichiban and Sapporo.

The other day, I had a conversation with my Dad about beers. I learned that Heineken is quite popular among Vietnamese people: it's light and one can have several throughout the course of an extended get-together.


I wrote: "Heineken is nice and refreshing. It has a good amount of carbonation and just real easy going." 1:31PM ET


While here in Holland we happened to pass by the Heineken Brewery. It was only appropriate that for dinner I had a Heineken on draft. As a bonus, I had the pleasure of drinking it while on a boat.

I wrote: "The beer is refreshing and tastes better from a glass. I'm under the impression that Heineken on tap tastes better than bottled Heineken. However, this impression doesn't last long, as I found the beer interesting on the first couple of sips, but just average after getting past the first half. In the end, as far as simple beers go, I enjoy it."


Heineken Lager Beer

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