Mission Dark Seas

Mission Dark Seas Russian Imperial Stout

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I'm here at Eureka! and before the end of happy hour, I ordered a glass of Mission Dark Seas.

This Dark Seas has a very chocolate smell. Oh wait, it just has a stout smell, but it's nice and solid. Oh, there's some alcohol smell as well.

After all the sniffing, I taste the beer and find it has a strong alcoholic taste. To be more accurate, this Dark Seas is really strong. 6:47PM PT

Note that while drinking this Dark Seas, I was also working on a glass of Ballast Point Sculpin IPA.

Eventually, upon finishing off the two, the strength of the Dark Seas was apparent. I also found it had more of a taste compared to the Sculpin IPA.

While it was my fourth beer of the day (I also had a Pacifico and a Speakeasy Big Daddy IPA), the Dark Seas was also my favorite. 7:00PM PT

Remark: Of this beer I also wrote: "I p8je it." Although it took me some time to figure out what "p8je" was supposed to be, I eventually figured it out. Can you? Here's the layout of my phone's keyboard:
Hint: At first I thought the word was "love". (scroll to the bottom of this post to find the answer)

Website Information:
Dark Seas
Russian Imperial Stout

9.8% ABV , 75 IBU

Such a nice big beer for so many occasions, Dark Seas will intimidate those not willing to embrace the glory of its magnitude. Black as the darkest night, and full of dark fruit, coffee, and intense chocolate aromas. Dark Seas is sure to please those who choose to discover this wonderful beer.

2012 Bronze Medal, Dark Seas, San Diego International Beer Competition
2012 Silver Medal, Dark Seas, Los Angeles International Beer Commercial Competition
2013 Gold Medal, Dark Seas, Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition
2014 Bronze Medal, Dark Seas, Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition

Answer: The word "p8je" was supposed to be "like".

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