Samuel Smith's Organic Raspberry Fruit Beer

Samuel Smith's Organic Raspberry Fruit Beer

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This beer delightfully smells like a flavor of jello. Unfortunately, I think it tastes funny. 6:55PM PT

Among Samuel Smith's organic fruit beers I've also tried the Apricot and the Cherry.

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Samuel Smith Organic Raspberry Ale
Rich aromatic organic ale with beautiful raspberry aroma and flavor

The History of Organic Raspberry Ale
Samuel Smith's Organic Fruit Beers are brewed and fermented at Melbourn Bros. Brewery in Stamford; then blended, conditioned and packaged at Samuel Smith's Old Brewery in Tadcaster. Raspberry Ale is Certified Organic by the USDA-accredited UK Soil Association.

While there are older breweries in England, it would be safe to say that few breweries are so little changed as this gem at Stamford, which has stood in the center of the beautifully preserved market community since 1825. From the antique grist mill to the ancient copper vessels, Melbourn Bros. remains today, a working brewery which blends the traditions of the ancient craft with that of the early industrial revolution. Closed in the 1970s, restoration with respect for the historical brewing equipment was begun by Samuel Smith's in the 1990s.

A dramatic fruit beer with an intense, mouth-watering fruit character derived from the natural acidity of organic raspberries. Slow, complex fermentation lends structure and depth to this special fruit beer. Smooth body, finishes dry, with a soft raspberry note.

Serving Suggestion
Classic roast turkey and stuffing; chicken brochettes; meat or cheese fondue; or spinach salad. Try with fruit salad at brunch.

Platinum Medal - "Superlative" - World Beer Championships, 2011
First place, fruit beer category - US Open Beer Championship, 2010

Product Sizes and Quantities
18.7 ounce (550 ml) "Victorian Pint" bottles/ 12 per case

ABV: 5.1% - OG: 1.065 - IBU: 11
Ingredients: Water, organic barley malt, organic wheat malt, organic raspberry juice, organic sugar, organic natural raspberry aroma, organic hops, yeast.

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