Sierra Nevada / Allagash Myron's Walk

Sierra Nevada / Allagash Myron's Walk

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Citrus smell. Average beer smell. Myrons walk. Very drinkable, somewhat crisp mouthfeel. Some bitterness which rounds the sip out. Noticing some of the citrus flavor. Reading the bittle, apparently there is coriander but I dont know what that would taste like. Hmm, even after several sips, the bitterness is still apparent after every sip. Overall, I don't really like this beer as much as any regular pale ale. 9:34PM PT

Website Information:
Sierra Nevada
Myron's Walk: Belgian-Style Pale Ale
Brewed in collaboration with Allagash Brewing Company
Portland, ME

We named this beer in honor of Myron Avery, a founder of the Appalachian Trail, or the A.T., which starts near Sierra Nevada’s North Carolina brewery and ends near Allagash’s home in Maine. Both breweries have a tremendous love of the outdoors, and Avery and the A.T. are great reminders of the wild spirit of exploration that connects us both.

In 1995, Rob Tod started Allagash Brewing Company and since then, Portland, ME, has been a place of reverence in the Belgian brewing pantheon. Allagash adds their Belgian flair to variety of beer styles and are one of the few American breweries to use a traditional coolship for true spontaneous fermentations leading to seriously complex beers native to their coastal home.

ABV: 5.3
Beginning Gravity: 11.8
Ending Gravity: 1.8
Bitterness Units: 38

Yeast: Belgian
Bittering Hops: Bravo
Finishing Hobs: Cascade, Citra, Mosaic
Malts: Two-row Pale, Unmalted Wheat, Munich, Victory
Other: Coriander

Tasting Notes
Myron's Walk is a Belgian-style pale ale combining the best of our two breweries. It features intense citrusy flavor and a complex aroma from the use of fruity and resinous whole-cone Citra and Mosaic hops offset by the complex spicy character of Allagash’s house Belgian yeast strain.

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