Snoqualmie Falls Steam Train Porter

I ordered this beer while at Skylark Cafe & Club. This beer appeared to have a pitch black color, brown along the edges. It had a malty smell. It had a delicious taste, a thick mouthfeel, and a good amount of carbonation. 1:17PM PT

Snoqualmie Falls Steam Train Porter

I had trouble describing the taste of this porter. I supposed the onions of the coleslaw I was eating gave the beer a spicy taste which had reminded me of a chile porter. Maybe the beer had some chocolate notes.

The beer ended flat and boring, unlike when it started. 1:28 PM PT

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Snoqualmie Falls Steam Train Porter

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Website Information:
Steam Train Porter

Steam Train Porter is a lip-smacking dark ale that’s mellow and malty. The aroma is reminiscent of bittersweet dark chocolate and espresso. The caramel and roast malt flavors are exceptionally smooth. It is medium bodied with a slightly sweet edge, but has a dry finish making Steam Train Porter easy to drink and very easy to love.

1.056 O.G. / 5.0% ABV / 28 IBU

Steam Train Porter is available in 22 oz. bottles, 50 liter (13.2 gallon) and 7.75 gallon kegs, but if you buy or bring in a growler, cornie or any other container, we’ll be happy to fill it for you!

Steam Train Porter is named for the historic trains that line Snoqualmie's Main Street, Railroad Avenue. Just a short block from the Taproom, the Northwest Railway Museum boasts a huge collection of heritage rail cars and engines.

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