Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca

This was the first beer I ordered while at The Masonry.

Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca - full glass

The beer had a yellow color and about half an inch of head. It had a tart smell, but strangely it did not have a tart taste. It was almost as if the beer's bitterness and flavors perfectly canceled any possible tartness flavor in the beer.

The flavor was flat. After a few more sips, the taste was suitable. It was a light banana taste.* 3:43PM PT

The beer had a dry mouthfeel. This observation was supported by the beer's description on the menu: "slightly tart and dry." 3:49PM PT

Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca - half glass, some lacing

While the beer wouldn't be worth drinking again, it was unique and ended with a decent taste. 4:09PM PT

*As of 20171221, after reading the description, my guess and experience would suggest that the "light banana" taste was coriander.**
**According to the website information, the beer does in fact contain coriander.

[20171221 Edit]

Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca

Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca - nearly empty glass, more lacing

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Website Information:

Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca - empty glass, up close and personal with the lacing



ABV: 4.8%
IBUs: 15
TIME IN OAK: 2 Months
HOPS: Tettnang
GRAINS: Pilsner Malt, Wheat Malt, & Raw Wheat
ADDITIONAL INGREDIENTS: Coriander, Sweet Orange Peel, & Bitter Orange Peel

Calabaza Blanca, an artisan white ale brewed in Belgium's bière blanche tradition. Spiced with orange peel and coriander, you'll find it refreshingly tart, with a wonderfully dry finish. A year round favorite for sure!

Cheers & Mahalo plenty!
Ron Jeffries, Founder and Chief Squeegee Operator

Hong Kong International Beer Awards Gold medal winner for Best Wit, 2015
Ratebeer Bronze medal winner in the Wheat category, 2015
Rated one of the “Top 50 Beers” by The Fifty Best

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