Skookum Mocha Perked

Before I looked at the ABV, I smelled the beer's alcoholic fumes; it's 7.4% ABV. By now the small amount of head had dissipated. The beer had a pitch black appearance.

Skookum Mocha Perked - full 5 oz glass

The texture was watery, a stark contrast with the porter I had earlier this afternoon. I then wondered if coffee stouts are necessarily more watery.

Regardless I didn't detect any coffee notes on the nose and I didn't taste any either. With that being said, I don't know what most coffee tastes like when I taste it.

Skookum Mocha Perked - half full 5 oz glass

After about halfway through, smelling the beer several times revealed no alcoholic fumes and no malt smell either. Perhaps the smell of this beer is what light coffee smells like.

With respect to the taste, it had a light sourness. 8:39PM PT

Skookum Mocha Perked - empty 5 oz glass, lacing

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Skookum Mocha Perked

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