Calicraft The City IPA

The beer had a crisp carbonation accompanied by a light pale ale taste. I liked it. It's light.

As the carbonation went away, it bordered on tasting watered down. With that being said, there's a mildly hoppy aftertaste. 1:15PM PT

The beer ended well. With an IPA taste, but little-to-no carbonation. 1:49PM PT

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Calicraft The City IPA

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Website Information:
The City IPA
Draft, 6-packs, and 22oz

6.4% ABV, 60 IBUs


YEAST: House IPA #1

We love The City! From San Francisco to New York or from LA to Chicago, The City is where it's at. This beer is a tribute to our city, San Francisco, and to all the great IPAs that came before us. Brewed in classic NorCal style, balanced and dry, dank and citrusy, bitter and juicy, this IPA captures the best of this classic West Coast beer. It's The City IPA for The City by The Bay.

DRINK UP: out on the town, instead of a cocktail.

PAIR WITH: hors d'oeuvres or dive bar peanuts.

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