Urban Family Zested

This beer had a slight sour smell. 9:50PM PT

Urban Family Zested - 5 oz glass, full

It had an oddly weird taste. There was something off about the taste. It tasted as if it had nutmeg, but also sour. This sour taste, however, is unlike the sour taste of a pumpkin beer; this was a strange sour taste.

This beer was very sour. 9:54PM PT

Urban Family Zested - 5 oz glass, half full

This beer was too sour. At least for a final beer.

It's alcoholic content, however, might be suitable for a final beer. 10:03PM PT

[20171221 Edit]

Urban Family Zested

Urban Family Zested - 5 oz glass, empty

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Mixed-culture sour ale with a blend of citrus zests including grapefruits, oranges, limes, and lemons.


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