Lagunitas GnarlyWine

Note - Received @ 9:01 PM PT:
I don't know how to describe the smell. The taste is strong. A bitterness lingers. The sugars follow. Hooo! This bitterness/strength. I can imagine someone enjoying it but it's too much for me. Hmmm... it might be a good fourth beer, i.e., a night finisher. Though people will have different opinions on that.

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Lagunitas GnarlyWine

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The first sip is for thirst, the second one for pleasure. The third is for romance, and the fourth for pure madness.

Making a Mondo Ultra Mega Super Premium Barleywine Ale is a little like having a kid. The first part is fun and messy, it takes a while to ferment, and then a whole longer to mature. It is expensive and takes up a lot of space. You worry about how it'll grow up and whether or not you'll still be friends. Eventually it stays out all night and comes home with it's skirt on backwards. You know how it is. Usually we package our ales within 15 days of brewing. This one we aged in tanks for over a month. Why not buy three-? Drink one now, keep one in the 'fridge for a month, and one for another year! Yummy. . .

ABV: 10.9 | O.G.: 1.110 | IBU: 70

AVAILABILITY: 22 oz Bomber, On Tap

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