San Francisco Brewers Guild Foggy IPA

Note - Received @ 2:36 PM PT:
wait, what? this foggy IPA has a grassy taste but also tasted bright compared to the imperial porter. if it weren't for the grassy hops, I would have thought I was drinking a sour. eventually, after drinking just the IPA, i.e., not directly following the porter, this beer more clearly tasted like an IPA. it still evoked a sense of bright. not quite citrus. well actually, it might be lemon. overall a 4.7 out of 5 stars.

[Part of Beer Flight at Dark Horse Inn]
[20180427 Edit]

San Francisco Brewers Guild Foggy IPA

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Menu Description: (Dark Horse Inn)
SF Brewers Guild Foggy IPA $6/ 16oz (6.5%)
10th Anniversary SF Collaboration Beer brewed at Speakeasy with Admiral Maltings malt

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