Small Town Not Your Mom's Apple Pie

This beer smelled like apple and cinnamon. It smelled like apple cobbler. It tasted like apple cobbler and was sweet.

Jamison thought it was too sweet. Ayin exclaimed "Oh my God!" and went on to he say it tasted like cinnamon (he must have been thinking of Big Red because he first mentioned gum). 10:54PM CT

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Small Town Not Your Mom's Apple Pie

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Website Information:
Nothing is sweeter than apple pie. Except for maybe Mom. And nothing is more enjoyable than a slice of that apple pie. Not Your Mom’s Apple Pie delivers that classic taste you love with the kick you need at the end of a long day. Or just a regular Saturday afternoon.

The color of a crisp, ripe, golden apple, this craft brew hits you with notes of applesauce, light cinnamon, cloves and biscuit. On the second sip, you’ll swear you can taste the crust. (We didn’t bottle pie crust, though. That would be kinda gross.)

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