Epidemic Ales Batiquitos Brown

Note #1 - Received @ 8:30 PM PT:
I tried the strawberry jam by two rivers and it was too fruity for me. so I tried the brown ale and it was watery. however, since it was better than the strawberry jam, I went ahead and ordered a pint of the brown ale. the brown ale has no discernible smell. it had a nice mouthfeel. thick, yet carbonated. somehow it was still somewhat watery.


Note #2 - Received 8:38 PM PT:
hmm, the beer has more substance than just being watery. it's not watery. not quite. there's a flavor. hmm, overall a 4 out of 5 stars. from what I can remember slightly better than guinness, but i'd have to check.

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Remark: Technically my notes don't refer to Epidemic Ales Batiquitos Brown, but on 20180430, it was the only Guest Beer listed on Elevation 66's website that was also a brown ale. In order, the Guest Beers are Two River's Strawberry Jam Cider (cider), Novel Brewing Peety Wheatstraw (double dry-hopped wheat ale), Epidemic Ales Batguitos Brown (brown ale), HenHouse Woke Up Like This Gose (gose), Lucky Devil Black Sabbath (Belgian-style barrel-aged imperial stout).

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Epidemic Ales Batiquitos Brown

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Website Information:
Batiquitos Brown
Brewed and Bottled by Epidemic Ales
Concord, CA


Batiquitos Brown - Legend says there is a pirate’s treasure hidden in the Batiquitos lagoon. It has never been found but we have brewed the next best thing - an English brown ale so perfectly balanced it will be your greatest discovery. Think chocolate and caramel, delightfully rich but light.

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