Laughing Monk Precious Cargo

Note #1 - Received @ 2:08 PM PT:
the previous beer didn't have a discernible smell. this imperial porter has a strong smell, like I should be expecting an alcoholic burn. but then it smelled fruity. regardless, it smells strong. turns out, among the possible beers on top, it has the highest ABV. wow, the taste is amazingly flavorful, side by side with its strength, and a delectably thick consistency. like melted chocolate. unlike the other two, I only took one sip so about a fourth. hmm, the next sip is just as good. i like the strength, it's not overpowering. before even finishing I'd say it's a 4.9 out of 5 stars.

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Note #2 - Received @ 2:30 PM PT:
I finished off the porter. its strength cut through the oils and flavors of the salad. awesome.

[Part of Beer Flight at Dark Horse Inn]
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I'm back at The Dark Horse Inn today.

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Note #1 - Received @ 3:18 PM PT:
sample is strong.* I decide to have it. aroma is strong on the nose, most likely a dominant vanilla smell. its strength in taste makes it a slow sipper. huh, 9.8% ABV, highest on the list. that's a general trend: I usually end up picking one of the strongest beers from a list of choices, though likely caused by my preference of style.

Note #2 - Received @ 3:32 PM PT:
this strength borders on too much. as a warmer, it's perfect. the strength gets the warmth...

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*I didn't realize I already had this beer. A similar problem occurred to me almost a week ago here at The Dark Horse Inn (see my Pedro Point Hyggeweizen post).

Laughing Monk Precious Cargo

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Website Information:
Precious Cargo Porter - Imperial / Double

9.8% ABV | 35 IBU

Oak, dark chocolate are present in the nose, while similar flavors and hints of vanilla and caramel on the palate.

Menu Description: (Dark Horse Inn)
Laughing Monk Precious Cargo $6/ 8oz (9.8%)
Whiskey barrel aged imperial porter with oak, dark chocolate & toffee aroma and flavors, with hints of vanilla & caramel; medium-bodied and sweet with a drier finish

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