Standard Deviant Altbier

Note - Received @ 1:57 PM PT:
I don't get any smell from this altbier but the taste was powerful as I held it in my mouth. there's a light sugary taste. so it's sweeter than the saison I just drank. it had an alcohol taste to it. I wish I knew a more official term. I use "alcoholic burn" to describe the burning sensation experienced when drinking hard liquor, e.g., bourbon, whiskey, and vodka. there's a nice long-term aftertaste.

[Part of Beer Flight at Dark Horse Inn]
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Standard Deviant Altbier

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ABV 5.6%

Menu Description: (Dark Horse Inn)
Standard Deviate Sticke Altbier $?/ $oz (7%)
Double altbier hopped for high bitterness, ? high malt and a big yet drinkable body; toffee & caramel flavors ? red hue

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