Rum and Coke

My uncle-in-law offered me this drink and I was definitely willing to try it.

I wrote the following: "Rum and Coke. Cuba Libre."

I recall the Rum and Coke was simple, but tasty.


One ounce of rum/bourbon for $3. Not terrible compared to my estimate of $1.25 per ounce out of a bottle. Terrible when paying a $1 tip.


I wrote the following: "Rum and Coke. Tastes alright. Not fun through straw. Should have chugged that shit." 10:24 PM PST

Afterwards I had a Bourbon and Coke.


Went to CVP (Charles Village Pub) to watch a football game with my roommate. I ordered this Rum and Coke after finishing a Guinness.

I wrote the following: "Rum and Coke. It has more rum than Coke. It tastes brighter after the first sip."


I wrote the following: "After Brewer's Art (20121206), my friend and I went to Red Maple. First I had a (Bacardi) Rum and Coke. I later had a (Seagrams) 7 and 7." 20121007 1:00AM ET


First drink of the night. See Drinks Mixed Drinks 20121007.



I'm here at Brewer's Art and a friend of a friend had the following to say about starting a conversation with a stranger. Step 1: Just go ahead and talk. Try to get a feeling for if its going anywhere. Step 2: If it feels like ending, then let it end. If not, then continue it. Overall, just keep it casual. 11:26PM ET With two drinks in me (Brewer's Art Le Canard and Brewer's Art Sweet Sour(ish) 16), I sparked up a conversation, felting it trickling away, and let it die. It was a good experience. In any case, my friends and I went to Aloha Sushi for some free karaoke. There I definitely had a Rum and Coke and, suggested by my photo record, a sake bomb. 20121013 12:54AM ET


Earlier this evening my friends and I went to a beer festival and for some of them, an afternoon of all-you-can-drink beer wasn't enough. As for me, I decided to tag along and drink water for a while. After enough water, I had an Amaretto Sour (8:11PM ET) and a Rum and Coke (9:39PM ET).



I wrote the following: "Captain Morgan and Coke. Tastes sweeter than strong. Maybe too much Coke? I don't know." 6:48 PM


Rum and Coke might not be the tastiest mixed drink out there, but it's a classic and probably my most ordered mixed drink. I find ordering a rum and coke to be so common, that I no longer bother to consistently make record of it. Note that I had one today over at MEX Tequila Bar before heading out to The Havana Club for salsa dancing. As a side note, I also had a gin and tonic.



Today I had a rum and Coke which had a lot of rum. 1:58 AM CT


This rum and Coke was just average. 20180823 12:47 AM CT


Rum and Coke


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