BJ's Brewhouse Blonde

This beer smelled more orange than the LightSwitch Lager. It is enjoyable with respect to its category. As described, it has a balanced flavor. It does not have too much of an orange taste; it's just right. 9:10 PM PT

BJ's Brewhouse Blonde

Overall, this beer is the best out of the four beers in the flight. 9:42 pm

[20110821][Part of Beer Flight at BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse]

BJ's Brewhouse Blonde

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Website Information:
BJ's Brewhouse Blonde
A light and refreshing pale beer in the style of a German Kolsch. Slightly malty with delicate hopping to balance. Well-conditioned for exceptional smoothness and drinkability.
Style: Kolsch
Alcohol: 4.7% by volume
Malt Variety: 2-row Pale, Wheat, Vienna
Bitterness (IBU): 15
Hop Variety: Perle, Hallertau
Awards: Gold: Kolsch at 2010 North American Beer Awards; Gold: Cream Ales at 2010 North American Beer Awards; Bronze: German-Styke Kolsch at 2009 Los Angeles County Fair; Bronze: Light Hybrid Beer at 2009 San Diego International Beer Competition; Silver: German-Style Kolsch at 2008 Los Angeles County Fair; Silver: German-Style Kolsch at 2007 Los Angeles County Fair; Gold: Light Ales at 2005 California Brewers Festival; Bronze: German-Style Kolsch at 2003 Los Angeles County Fair; Bronze: German-Style Kolsch at 2002 Los Angeles County Fair; Silver: Kolsch at 1998 Colorado State Fair
Menu Pairing: As with white wine, pale beers like Brewhouse Blonde® pair well with poultry and seafood.

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