Abita Purple Haze

I wrote: "Abita Purple Haze. No real smell detected, but nice fuit taste, not fruity. My sister says if you smack your mouth at the taste its beer, but otherwise let it sit for the fruit. I start to think it tastes like some candy I've had letting it rest. Smacking it stirs the carbonation. The Abita is better than the Sea Dog Blue Paw." 6:03 pm, 6:12 pm
I also wrote: "Ah maybe mine tastes like candy grape. At first I thought wine. But yeah, some sort of Jolly Rancher." 6:28 pm.

It turns out that Purple Haze is a raspberry-flavored beer. Delicious.

Because my sister didn't strike gold with the Speakeasy White Lightning, I suggested she try the Sea Dog Blue Paw. However, she ended up not liking that either. I think she liked the Speakeasy White Lightning more than the Blue Paw. She also liked the Abita Purple Haze better than the Blue Paw.

My reason for trying the Abita Purple Haze: In reply to my Drink Aprihop post on FB, my friend OA said "If you like fruit flavored beer, try Purple Haze by Abita, Pyramid Apricot Ale, and if you're lucky to find it, Orange Blossom Cream Ale. Now if you want to get fancy, try a Cherry Lambic. That is like dessert." April 28 at 8:43am. Thanks OA.

Yard House:
5.2% Drink Deschutes Black Butte Porter
5.2% Drink Speakeasy White Lightning
4.2% Drink Abita Purple Haze
4.6% Drink Sea Dog Blue Paw Wheat Ale 20110817


Abita Purple Haze

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A day after my friend recommended me various beers to try, I went to a local liquor store and snapped a picture of  this six-pack of Purple Haze. I ended up getting other beers instead.

Website Information:
Purple Haze is a crisp, American style wheat beer with raspberry puree added after filtration. Therefore, you may see raspberry pulp in the beer. The raspberries provide the lager with a subtle purple coloration and haze, a fruity aroma, and a tartly sweet taste.

This beer is best served with salads or light fruit desserts, such as soufflés or chiffon cakes. Many people enjoy it with chocolate desserts. Purple Haze pairs well with certain cheeses, such as ripened Brie or any dessert made with Mascarpone. It’s also great paired with entrees prepared with fruit, especially citrus. Consider enjoying Purple Haze alone at the end of your meal as dessert.

ABV 4.2%
IBU 13
Color 8

Nutrition Facts
12 oz serving
Calories 128
Carbs 11g
Protein 1.8g
Total Fat 0g

A day after my friend recommended me various beers (see above) to try (20110429), I went to a local liquor store and saw a six-pack of Purple Haze sitting in the fridge. I snapped the picture below. I did not, however, buy it, because I was there looking for something else.

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