Hennessy X.O

I wrote on 20110816, "It tastes like burning, but good, and yet strong to drink straight. But I kept on drinking it [straight]. Some of the men drank it with ice and some didn't. The men were all my dad's age."

Fact: Hennessy is a brand of Cognac, which is a type of brandy, which is distilled wine.

I drank the Hennessy neat. Next time I'll try it on the rocks. I'd also be willing to try out the various mixed drinks listed on the Hennessy website. I had Hennessy poured into my cup three different times. I'd estimate drinking between 3 and 4 fl oz.


Hennessy X.O

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Website Information:
Description: "The first X.O since 1870"
Tasting: Woody, Spicy, Vanilla, Matured fruits, Structured, Cinnamon
Serving: Hennessy X.O can be served neat, but is also often enjoyed "on the rocks": a great tasting experience. "When I add ice to my X.O, this immediately releases the subtle flavors and aromas of this magnificent cognac", says Mr. Gilles Hennessy, 7th generation of the legendary Cognac family.
Composition: Hennessy X.O is a blend of around one hundred old "eaux-de-vie" from Cognac's finest growing regions, carefully matured in our cellars.
History: Great grandson of the Founder of the House of Hennessy, Maurice Hennessy was inspired by his intuition that modernity and rarity would become synonymous, hence he created this original "eXtra Old" cognac.

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