Peroni Nastro Azzurro

I ordered this beer at Finbar's Italian Kitchen in Metro Pointe.

I wrote: "Peroni. Smells like apple cider. Light, low carbonation. Very drinkable (no bitterness)." 12:31 pm

In the end, the conclusion would be that Peroni is nothing special. It's light and plain like a Bud. Sadness.

I chose to get this beer, because I had tried most of the other available beers on the list.


Peroni Nastro Azzurro

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Website Information:
Nastro Azzurro
Premium Lager chiara prodotta a bassa fermentazione dal colore giallo paglierino brillante.
Gusto secco, aroma delicato di luppolo.
Gradazione alcolica 5,1% vol. temperatura di servizio consigliata tra 4° e 6° C.
Nastro Azzurro
For over forty years, Nastro Azzurro, Italy's leading premium beer, has been brewed using only the finest two-row barley malts and quality hops. The result is distinguished by its intensely crisp flavour and sheer clarity, the fruit of a brewing process that guarantees the refreshing and natural freshness of the beer off the tap. The stylish design of the elongated bottle captures the soul of the brand, underscoring the values of style and quality that have made Nastro Azzurro the world's most popular Italian beer.

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