BJ's LightSwitch Lager

This beer has a subtle smell. It has a buzzy, lemony taste. It is light and refreshing. It has a nice, orange aftertaste. I like it a lot. 9:10 PM PT

BJ's LightSwitch Lager

This beer is okay. 9:42 PM PT

[20110821][Part of Beer Flight at BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse]

BJ's LightSwitch Lager

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Website Information:
BJ's LightSwitch Lager
Our flavorful alternative with even fewer calories than many popular domestic light beers. BJ's LightSwitch® Lager has a pleasant malt flavor balanced by a clean, dry finish with the handcrafted quality you have come to expect from BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse.
Style: Light Beer
Alcohol: 3.5% by volume
Malt Variety: 2-row Pale, Wheat
Bitterness (IBU): 18
Hop Variety: German Hallertau
Awards: Bronze: Light Ales Ale at 2010 North American Beer Awards
Menu Pairing: Like white wine, BJ’s LightSwitch Lager is best when matched with poultry or seafood.
Crispy Calamari, Santa Fe Salad*

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