De Koninck

This is my first beer in Belgium. In particular, I'm in Antwerpen and De Koninck Brewery is based in Antwerpen, Belgium.

While the beer is listed in the menu as De Koninck, the locals will probably order the beer by asking for a "Bolleke," which is also the name of the glass. Speaking of which, any worthy establishment in Belgium will serve a beer in its proper glass. In general, a greater variety of beer brands means a greater variety of beer glasses. And last, but not least, beer is generally cheaper in Belgium than it is in the States. My glass of De Koninck cost only €2.80 ($3.60 at 1 USD to .77 Euro, 20130607).

I wrote: "De Koninck. It has a fruity/bubblegum smell. It tastes similar to the way it smells. The beer has a nice, easy feel on the tongue."


De Koninck

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Website Information:
De Koninck is the brewery’s jewel in the crown. Its typical surprisingly malty flavour is appreciated by beer lovers worldwide. This amber-coloured top-fermented beer (25 to 27°) has an accessible taste and a low alcohol content. Brewed in the traditional way using water, yeast, 100% pure malt and pure hops. A natural product, in other words. And what about the slightly bitter finish? De Koninck uses organic Saaz-Saaz hops from the Czech Republic, natural barley and without the addition of maize or brewing sugars. One thing is certain: this delicious specialty beer is the ideal thirst quencher. Alcohol content: 5.2% Vol. Pour with a creamy head at 4-6° in the distinctive spherical De Koninck "bolleke" glass.

Style: Amber-coloured top-fermented beer
Taste: Smooth start with a hop-bitter finish
Hops: Saaz
Color: Amber
Shelf life: Bottle: 12 months after bottling - barrel: 9 months
Tip: Ideal serving temperature 4-5°C
Packing: Bottle: 25cl - 33cl - Vat: 20l - 30l sankey
Alcohol: 5.20

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