Tongerlo Bruin

I wrote: "The Tongerlo Bruin has a brown smell. It has a similar taste to the nose. It has a deeper, darker smell than other beers I've had so far. However, it might not be as complex as the Tripel Karmeliet I had. Its malty."

I recall the drink going along well with my cheeseburger here at Berlin.


Tongerlo Bruin

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Tongerlo Brown


A brown beer with a sweet aroma that has a full flavour and a lightly roasted aftertaste.

An authentic abbey ale
The age-old tradition of the White Canons of Tongerlo lives on in this officially recognised Belgian abbey ale.

Re-fermented in the bottle
Re-fermentation in the bottle gives the beer a more intense taste and aroma as well as a longer shelf life.

ABV: 6.5%


Brown coloured with a creamy, white head.

An initial sweet and full aroma is followed by a sweetish main taste with notes of vanilla and cooked banana. The aftertaste is characterised by a burnt, bitterness with a hint of chocolate icing.


Ideal pouring temperature: 10°C
Take a clean and dry Tongerlo glass. Carefully pour out 4/5 of the beer. Start by holding the glass at an angle. Return it to an upright position so that you create a nice head, that is as thick as two fingers. Give a little stir to the bottle with the remaining 1/5 of beer to loosen the yeast at the bottom and then pour this into your glass.

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