Lefebvre Hopus

I'm here at Kulminator and I've just had a sip of Tripel Karmeliet. It was very delicious, and I'm not sure how a taste of Stefaan's Hopus will compare.

Lefebvre Hopus - so much head

I wrote: "The Hopus has a brighter smell and the taste is interesting. It's not light. It has more of a pale ale taste, though it doesn't taste as grassy."

Next to try: Frambozen Lindemans.


Lefebvre Hopus

shot glass of sediment (left), glass of Hopus (center), and swing-top bottle (right) 

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Website Information:
The work of the master brewer is shaping the flavour of Hopus beer which is done by the selection and use of the hop in a production process that goes back to the Belgian brewing tradition in its purest form. After two years of research, five hop varieties from the best regions were chosen based on their taste and their harmonious fusion. The tasting experience of the Hopus starts as soon as the bottle is ‘uncorked’.

Opening the bottle manually is unusual and invites the consumer to have a sip and stimulates the taste buds of lovers of great beers. A lovely white, creamy head appears above the deep golden hue. The brewer's yeast adheres to the bottom of the bottle and is released in the form of tiny particles. It goes without saying that beer lovers will appreciate the yeast. The aromas of the hops and high fermentation can immediately be detected.

They leave no doubt that this is a strong and bitter beer typical of the district. This impression is even stronger due to its strong carbonisation which releases its full power. The first sip is honest and immediately gives a feeling of bitterness led by an intense taste of hops. The fruity high fermentation aromas are restored in the mouth and the malt is in perfect balance without removing the initial taste.

The taster is in this way prepared for the final bouquet: the bitter aftertaste. To merely state that it is strong would not do it justice. It is heady without being disturbing. It is powerful without being overwhelming. It is elegant without being luxuriant. In short, the perfect preparation for the next mouthful.


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