La Binchoise Bière Des Ours

I wrote: "Bier de Ours. 4.00€. Standard Belgium beer smell. It tastes similar to one of the many beers I had, possibly De Koninck. It's not at all light like Hoegaarden. In contrast to the drinkable citrus flavor of a Hoegaarden, Bier de Ours has more of a taste to it. The beer leaves behind a slight bitterness. It has a taste similar to a Belgium double or Belgium triple, except not as strong."

While here at Houtsiplou, I saw Hoegaarden on tap, and in hindsight I should have waited to enjoy it on tap, instead of from a bottle. In addition to Hoegaarden, Houtsiplou also had Leffe and Stella Artois on tap.

I closed up my thoughts and wrote: "I enjoyed the beer. I couldn't detect any honey though. Perhaps the honey makes for a subtle difference in taste."


La Binchoise Bière Des Ours

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