New Braunfels LuftWeiss

New Braunfels LuftWeiss

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The LuftWeiss smelled brighter and I detected lemon. Matching the nose, there was a definite wheat taste together with citrus flavors. 3:05PM PT

I tasted wheat and citrus flavors. 3:17PM PT

Head has dissipated. Left to Right: ErdeWeissLuftWeissHimmelWeissUber
Menu Description:
LUFTWEISS sunkissed hefeweizen brewed with 85% wheat and American citrus hops ABV 4.7% IBU 16

During the final pass, I noted the beer's hoppy notes were more pronounced than the citrus notes. 3:26PM PT

Website Information:
Sun-Kissed Hefeweizen Of The Sky

Luft (looft) is the hefeweizen you didn’t see coming. Not too complex, not too overwhelming, just a Goldilocks-ish amount of simplistic beauty. Luftweiss is a summer afternoon in a glass. It’s great beer, don’t blog about it, just drink it.

Food Pairing: LuftWeiss pairs with a wide variety of foods. Much like a white wine, it’s works well paired with similar flavors like bright, acidic fruits and salads. LuftWeiss also works well with creamy cheeses, poultry, shellfish and cream sauces.

ABV: 4.7
IBU: 20

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