New Braunfels ErdeWeiss

New Braunfels ErdeWeiss

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20160519: [20160704]
ErdeWeiss had a dark, coffee smell. It tasted like a black stout. Additionally, there seemed to be a taste of wheat and the beer was slightly sour. There was a nice amount of carbonation. It appeared black. 3:05PM PT

It's a bit sour. 3:17PM PT

Menu Description:
ERDEWEISS black dunkelweizen ABV 4.5% IBU 20

On the final pass, I continued to get the coffee smell and black stout taste from the ErdeWeiss. 3:26PM PT

Head still settling. Left to Right: ErdeWeiss, LuftWeiss, HimmelWeiss, Uber
20160523: [20160709]
Before leaving the New Braunfels tap room, we got a bottle of New Braunfels Eis, a bottle of New Braunfels Spread Eagle, and a growler of New Braunfels ErdeWeiss. Today, we drank the beer from the growler.

Unfortunately, my notes deviate from those above and I can't help but wonder if the growler was something other than the ErdeWeiss.

In any case, I wrote the following: "This beer tastes most like banana bread. It has a bready flavor. While I think of cotton candy, it definitely doesn't taste like such. I know, however, that I've tasted this same flavor before, I just can't pinpoint it. I mostly like it. I like it more than the day we had it."

Website Information:
Not Your Unkel's Dunkel

Erde (air-duh) is inspired by the German Dunkelweizen, the double espresso, and Irish drinkin’ songs. Erde comes on heavy, strong, and powerful but slides off your palette like a penguin on ice. Easy to drink, easy to understand, and easy to love, Erde may just be your new favorite (dark) beer.

Food Pairing: ErdeWeiss pairs extremely well with roasted meats and vegetables. The roasted grains also complement earthy flavors of a hearty soup. For a truly amazing pairing, try it over ice-cream or in a float.

ABV: 4.5; IBU: 20

Side Comment:
The following adjectives were found in describing the beer: malt/malty (6), banana (5), roasted (5), chocolate/cocoa (5), wheat/bread/toast (5), coffee (3), earthy (2), sour, clove, nuttiness.

From another point of view, here's the BeerAdvocate description of a Dunkelweizen:
"Similar to a Hefeweizen, these southern Germany wheat beers are brewed as darker versions (Dunkel means 'dark') with deliciously complex malts and a low balancing bitterness. Most are brown and murky (from the yeast). The usual clove and fruity (banana) characters will be present, some may even taste like banana bread."

In conclusion, although my two reviews show little to no overlap, together they run through all the right adjectives.

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