Strand Beach House Amber

Strand Beach House Amber

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20160501: [20160520]
1e. This beer had an orange red color.

2d. During the first pass, I had the beer fourth - after Berliner Weisse. The beer had a hoppy smell and tasted like a light pale ale. It was smooth around the edges. 5:39PM PT

3. Food.

4e. During the second pass, this beer smelled like a pale ale smell and had a decent pale ale taste. Furthermore, there was a slightly lingering grassy flavor, but I didn't detect any bitterness. 6:28PM PT

Website Information:
Beach House Amber

Beach House Amber ale was created as a simple and clean, medium bodied ale. It has subtle earthy notes in its malt character which are balanced by a light hop profile. Perfect for a sunny day. Pair it with BBQ, pizza, burgers and wings.


Available year round - on draft and in 500ml bottles.

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